Thursday, 7 November 2013


A year in and the AGM was just a few weeks away. With only one another person standing against the existing Chairman , Bigot-Johnson , the time had come for his pre-emptive push for re-election , in a determined attempt to hold onto his power and privileges. So not surprisingly Bigot took on the unusual step of issuing next month's results in advance.
" As Chairman , I felt this action was absolutely necessary if only to stop dissident  members wasting time , effort and money in campaigning for a lost cause. What was the point of turning up to an AGM to vote on a forgone conclusion. Having sent out Ronnie and Reggie to sound out members' voting intentions , it become quickly apparent that my re-election was going to be complete walk-over.  Given this survey was all above board ,  I welcome doubting observers to come in and see all the blood-stained written statements of intent , secured by my two very trustworthy and handy lieutenants.
Results in full :
Bigot-Johnson - 267 votes
Petunia Pantopod :  nil votes

As it happens with Petunia having just disappeared off the face of the earth without explanation or warning , it seems my re-election turned out to be the best thing after all , especially if members were looking for a chairman full of passion , commitment and reliability. " 

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