Wednesday, 22 October 2014

HAVE I MISSED SOMETHING OR DID EVERYONE ELSE ? .......  (Article by Johnny Supremo )

Last night on board 24 ,  I elected to bid 5H over the opponents' 5C. Partner frowned clearly annoyed at being denied a confident double. Needless to say the contract went 2 down for minus 300,  which I thought was a decent save against a certain game in either no trumps or clubs. 
" But 5C by East can't make no matter what card I lead ! " protested partner. And the opponents also agreed , convinced they had a loser in clubs, hearts and diamonds. Even the computer prediction suggested only 10 tricks were possible. So am I missing something or is everyone else missing the obvious .....a simple squeeze is on if diamonds are not attacked straightaway.
Let's assume my partner would automatically lead out her Ace of hearts , followed by a low one. This lets the opponents in with the King to seize control. Trumps would cleared in three rounds with the loss of a trick to my partner's Ace. A belated diamond switch should then be by taken by West's King to set up the simple squeeze position. Declarer must resist the the temptation of ruffing the losing heart because this is the all important precious squeeze card. 
At trick 7 declarer should rattle off two more rounds of clubs and his 2 top spades. Dummy's remaining three cards will be the QS, H4 and D5.  Poor North . Left to guard both hearts and diamonds , he is obliged to throw in the towel when at trick eleven West is put in with his master spade. Five clubs bid and made on a simple squeeze. 
Maybe I was wrong to bid 5C , but let's face it I had no defensive tricks, and I could envisage partner leading out the heart Ace followed by low one. Would my opponents be up to the task of making the contract after such a helpful start I just don't know.        

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