Thursday, 23 October 2014

ANOTHER NEARLY TRUE Bridgemeister Gibson

Poor old George. Always down at the club every night, he was the eternal optimist. Not once did he waiver in his belief that one day he would finish alongside the leading scorers. But he never did. George's bidding was woefully poor, and his declarer play was wooden at best. Nevertheless on his last outing to the club gifts kept coming his way , and these provided him with enough good scores to lift him to a respectable fourth. Sadly, the excitement of it all proved too much for his weak heart , and he dropped dead the moment he saw the printed results. 
The following day his wife , who was also a bridge player , went down to the mortuary to identify the body. However when she got there the attendant had muddled up the labels. In desperation he showed her three bodies of elderly men ,  but none of them was George.
" Oh dear " , came the exasperated and despairing reply ,  " so like George......still unable to make it into the first three ! "     

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