Tuesday, 28 October 2014


( The scene is the club bar room after the duplicate session is over . Two distraught and dejected members exchange their innermost feelings about their appalling night at the tables. )

John : That's it......I've had enough.....so I'm sorry to say partner ...... I'm finished with this bloody infuriating game for once and for all
Paul : I know exactly how you feel . I don't know why we waste our time playing a game that serves up so much injustice. Every week we come back with a wretched score card which pushes over national grade rankings down even further 
John : Well, I'm definitely calling it day....so it's best if you find yourself another partner
Paul : I'm not bothering.....my game is never likely to improve....and what's more I'm dead certain that no other member will want to partner me 
( At this point Paul walks out of the club , but not before ripping up his score card and throwing his membership card into the waste bin . Seconds later another club member walks into the bar room. )
Rex : What's up with him ?
John : He's giving up the game.....he's done with bridge and looking to take up line dancing
Rex : So does that mean you have no partner for next week
John : You could say that....
Rex : Well, I'm looking for a partner for tomorrow night....I don't suppose you're available ?
John : Oh....well as it happens I am free....so yes....I would love to partner you for a game

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