Monday, 29 June 2015

( Bigot-Johnson provides the answer )

For years many people have wanted to know the true identity of Bob Dylan's character , the man in the long black coat.  Theories about who he is are numerous. Is he the Devil ?  The Phantom Of The Opera ?  An East European spy  ? A silent assassin ?  Zorro ?  Or is he nothing more than a random stranger , who simply leaves the narrator cynical and bitter over the stealing of his true love ? 

Well , Bigot-Johnson knows the answer , having provided Bob with the inspiration for his classic song. The man in the long black coat is the archetypal bridge player , who reflects the darker side of the human psyche , as so often witnessed inside  bridge clubs when results become a matter of life or death.

" Some people don't live or die , they just float "  completely sums up this enigmatic man.  A player who floats from one partner to another , leaving each and every one emotionally drained and exhausted. Every bridge club has one in its midst. Every bridge club becomes his feasting ground.

The poem which Bigot sent Bob to fire up his imagination and great story telling can now be seen below for the very first time.

He's mysterious and scary , aloof and remote
For he is the man in the long black coat
He lives in the shadows,  not one to dote
On clueless players not worthy of note
When he holds court he's ready to quote
Extracts from articles which he once wrote
About hunting rabbits like a predatory stoat
Shafting them in ways which led him to gloat
So if you're his partner do watch your throat 
For a vampire is a man in a long black coat 

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