Thursday, 4 January 2018


Yet again Bigot was refusing to pay a PCN which claimed he failed to enter the correct  vehicle licence plate number into the ticket machine in order to make the ticket supposedly valid. despite using up only one hour of his paid 4 hour stay. The company was adamant he was in breach of this  rather lucrative money making racket , and therefore the fine had to be paid. Bigot of course refused , happy to take his chance in court.

Counsel for the plaintiff : Please tell the court why you refused to pay the £70 PCN ?
B-J : This demand was ridiculous since I paid for 4 hours parking of which I only used up one. Indeed , I feel I was owed a refund but asking for one which be like pissing against a gale force wind. Moreover that freed up parking space was no doubt sold again earning the company another 3 hours ticket income. So how can it be commercially justified to extort another £70 from a hard up motorist like me ?
CP : You broke the entered an incorrect licence plate number
B-J : An innocent mistake owing to my dyslexic condition
CP : No excuses made a mistake and that renders you liable for the fine
B-J : My research has uncovered that this company makes a substantial profit on ticket revenue after taking into account all their overhead costs the money made from unjust and unfair PCNs provides a lucrative profit centre on a scale, which would take even Donald Trump's breath away.......such is the huge number of motorists who fall victim to this devilishly clever trap 
CP : Your point ?
B-J : This means that the income from the 90% of motorists who are forced to pay up has enabled the company to get very rich ,  using some of the excess profits to take future disputes to court......... producing yey another more effective way of bullying and intimidating innocent motorists into handing over their hard-earned money 
CP : That's what good business is all about
B-J : So you're saying that this type of penalty charge is a commercially justified deterrent, even though the main purpose of car park companies is to manage the limited number of bays effectively ,  by ideally focusing their efforts to combat non-payers and over-stayers
CP: Yes that the gist of it
B-J :  But why clobber motorists who make innocent mistakes punching in their registration plate numbers ?  Surely the misuse of tickets concerns the practice of a motorist passing over his/her ticket to another driver. Whenever the ticket is linked to one car then it becomes obvious should it ever appear on the dashboard of non-payer's vehicle. If the ticket is not passed over then surely no financial loss has been incurred by the car park operators ?
CP :  True.... but the aim of course is to pounce on the huge number of idiot motorists who fail to enter correct registration plate details. Why my client is working on the idea of getting motorists to enter the make and model of the car as well......... as this is guaranteed to increase the likelihood of even more typo errors .......possibly ten fold.  
B-J : So you agree........ PCNs are more about fleecing motorists than trying to cover their basic overheads
CP : Indeed ....... because let's face it......... the parking company's directors need these horrendously excessive profits to finance their mansions, yachts , private jets and five star holidays.........and your £70 is just as vital as all the other thousands of £70 PCNs issued each and every week of the year  regarding this scam

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