Wednesday, 24 January 2018


Another day. Another PCN . Another refusal to pay. Another court case.

Counsel for the plaintiff (CP) : I see Bigot you've gone and done it again
B-J : Done what ?
CP :  Only keyed in part of your car registration number , when the terms and conditions clearly stipulated  that " full "  details were required to obtain a valid ticket
B-J : What details I entered were more than sufficient for a match
CP : That's your opinion
B-J : Well , you had no difficulty in matching the ticket details "AZ 01 " with the AZ01BTH
registration as seen on the camera photograph , shot a few minutes earlier when I entered the car park
CP : True.....but rules are rules
B-J : So tell me then.....why does the company want the full registration when 2 or 3 characters would suffice
CP : Bigot .....are you thick or what ?   It's bloody obvious why motorists are required to key the full registration number. The more characters there are to input the greater the likelihood of mistakes. All private car parking companies love it when motorists confuse the letter " I " with the number 1 ,  the letter "O" with 0 , the letter "S" with 5 , and the letter "Z" with 2. It's a hoot. Then of course there are all the motorists who forget which car they came in ......not to mention those with big fat grubby fingers who inadvertently press down too hard on the wrong key.  And oh companies love drivers who are dyslexic ....or who have myopia.  Then there are hundreds of motorists who have a poor short term memory , or those who think they know their car registration number but don't. The list is endless.
B-J : My God....this unforgiving ruthless behaviour is nothing more than blatant exploitation of the old and vulnerable, who make innocent mistakes..... of no real significance or impact to the management of the car park
CJ : You may call these mistakes " innocent " but in my book they are the consequence of stupidity......and my client has the right to cash in big time on idiot drivers who can't key in their registration numbers correctly
Judge : Are you calling me an idiot
CP:  Of course not.....your Honour........why on earth would I
Judge : I'm pleased to hear that......because only yesterday I received a PCN from your client for inadvertently keying in a "V" instead of a "U"
CP : Don't worry your Honour ....once I let the company know it was you....the PCN will be cancelled straightaway
Judge : So I take it double standards apply ?
CP : Good company will always apply common sense mixed with a huge measure of favouritism and bias cases where it seems prudent to do so
Judge : I've heard enough.....Bigot you have my utmost support and respect.....the claim against you is dismissed

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