Wednesday, 3 January 2018


Another parking fine and so another court case. Bigot this time had inadvertantly placed his ticket on the dashboard but upside down. 

B-J : May I beg the court's permission , your honour , to start off my defence with a quote
Judge : I trust it is relevant to your defence
B-J : Oh indeed it is....
Judge : Well please keep it brief
B-J :  " Just a glance at any fee versus fine will demonstrate that admirably.  The car parks are cash magnets for the operators who milk the motorist and use harassment and threats to extort money."
Counsel for the claimant : I object your honour...... this statement is a wicked lie....
Judge : How dare interrupt the defendant.......I wish to hear him out 
B-J : Thank you your honour......" Their intimidating letters are intended to frighten , and their message is quite simple .....stand and deliver ; the motto of the highwayman in a long bygone era. The only thing missing is the pistol, but they use the threat of courts , which could be expensive if people use legal representation, and an ever-escalating tariff of fines that simply bleed the motorist further ".....................especially in my case where I made a simple innocent inadvertent mistake which cost the claimant at the outset no financial loss whatsoever.
CP : Those outrageous comments are the ravings and rantings of an ignorant , unintelligent nobody.....who knows sod all about this money spinning racket......oops sorry...... legitimate parking industry
B-J : Oh .....but these were the words  spoken in a parliamentary debate on private car parking companies by the well respected MP...... Nigel Evans , Conservative, for Ribble Valley on March 16th 2015 , as recorded in Hansard.
CP : Oh..... I never realised
Judge : That's not surprising given the level of incompetence I've come to expect from lawyers like you who representing rogue outfits like your claimant's

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