Sunday, 14 January 2018


- Goddamn it we're losing too many cases in court
- I know....and I thought that Beavis decision had us in the driving seat and motorists on the
  back pedal
- Yes....we were meant to be on easy street ripping off motorists for the slightest mistake.
  But judges are now giving decisions in favour of defaulting motorists and this is not what 
  we planned for
- The bastards
- All our best efforts to pay for top lawyers to draft mean and nasty, watertight terms and
  conditions that offer no scope for motorists to avoid liability have been to no avail. The
  small minority of stubborn , die-hard motorists who know enough about the law to 
  outflank us in court are undermining our business model
- I know....but thankfully they are few and far between.  The vast majority of motorists are 
  weak, utterly spineless, gullible, ignorant , don't-want-the-hassle  push-overs who haven't
  got the will to fight......who easily succumb to our threats and intimidation letters ....who
  pay up more out of apathy and fear than acknowledgement of any wrongdoing
- Lovely isn't it
- Nevertheless we need to stay ahead of the game......and do even more to keep this
  wonderful gravy train on track
- Like what ?
- Like rigging the ticket machines to only accept around 60-70% of pound coins put into
  them. Coins that don't register. Motorists will, of course, expect them to be returned. But 
  that wont happen. Sure....this will really piss them off...but not enough to give us any
  real hassle or grief . Complaints are unlikely.... but should any be made over a lost pound 
  .....these will be met with " Shame you can't prove it so fuck off " reply.
- Brilliant .....
- Motorists will either put in an extra pound to cover the tariff charge required for
  their intended stay, or settle for a shorter stay having already overpaid by a pound.
- Marvellous......what a fabulous money spinner
- And I'm working on some more devilishly clever scams to boost our profits even further
- Oh do keep me posted
- I sure will


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