Saturday, 19 May 2012

BRIDGE BLOGS :  JUST TWO OF MY FAVOURITES  ....... ( Review by Bridgemeister Gibson )

There are many bridge blogs which I thoroughly love and regularly read . One of them is Toy Bridge , created by a New Zealander who clearly has a great love for the game. He chooses to focus nearly all his articles on hands ,  which clearly raised a few many  awkward and interesting questions at the relevant time . The content , layout , and literary style stick to  a particular format , but it's one that works for me. Indeed, I find all his stuff very  easy read , not to mention entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable.
However , while surfing on the net for new stuff ,  I came across another blog , presumably from the USA, which I regarded as a hidden treasure undiscovered golden nugget in fact. This blog , which goes under the title of LOL Bridge ,  is defined by the author as " making the game of contract bridge fun again ". And believe you me it is fun to read. The content is varied , incredibly quirky and at times very funny . Yet , there is a real underpinning honesty , where the send up satire and irony  exposes the failings and shortcomings....... that all of us as bridge players unfortunately possess .
For instance , he offers a definition of a cold contract as being " what your side had before you blew it " , whereas the definition of an ice cold contract is " what your side had before your partner blew it ".
The blog' s first entry it seems was in July 2008 , but sadly the last posting was in February 2011. So despite the limited number of posts, there is still 2 to 3 good hours of excellent reading there to browse through. Clearly, the author decided that quality should take preference over quantity. So why not take a brief excursion to the world of LOL Bridge and Toy bridge , if only to start or end your day with a smile.        

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