Tuesday, 29 May 2012

  • Rescue  - an act occasionally carried out by concerned onlookers ,  who feel duty bound to protect a fellow member from his/her physically aggressive partner
  • Ist position - the place where fat obnoxious players set out to occupy, when forming a  queue for the mid-interval buffet 
  • 2nd position - the place where one expects to find the pot-bellied partner of the guy in front 
  • Open pairs - an event which requires all well endowed  women to turn up in low slung dresses with plunging neck-lines 
  • Double jump -  an unexpected bonus when teaming up with a more than willing partner
  • First round - what the members of a winning team expect their captain to buy
  • Bridge World - a strange and mysterious place full of geeks , social misfits and grumpy old people
  • Dealer - one who  is renown for " pushing " , " sniffing " , and enjoying a " bit of crack "
  • Turn - what mardy players tend to do when things go wrong
  • Individual movement - a tragic consequence of being an incontinent bridge player

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