Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Dear Rebecca ,
Have I got some gossip for you.  Our club chairman , the one who sports a big black moustache and mariner's outfit , is in my view completely deranged ( a complete lunatic in fact ). Having been taken to the cleaners by the ladies in recent competitions , he decided to take his revenge on the fairer sex.
The other day he sneaked into a laundry factory , sexually assaulted three of the female employees , only to make a rapid exit before the alarm was raised. 
Now tell me ....what do you make of that story ?

Yours Ivor Whoppintale 

Dear Ivor , 
Strange you should you tell me about this news event , because I was fascinated by a headline in yesterday's local evening paper :  "  NUT SCREWS WASHERS AND BOLTS " 
Now did that article have anything to do with your chairman ?

Yours curiously concerned , Rood      

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