Monday, 1 October 2012


  • Psych(e) : a nasty device used by devious players who adopt a roving commission to supplement their inadequate system card
  • Sponsor : a player who craves for success : one who is recognised by his fat wallet , arse-licking behaviour and a grossly inflated view of his modest ability
  • Expert : one skilled in the circumvention of the rules
  • Plan : a very apt euphemism for  " dithering " , where the random line of play adopted accidentally brings about an unexpected and fortuitous top
  • Overbidding : a dangerous disorder affecting players who foolishly believe in their ability to perform miracles on modest hands
  • AGMs : events in which committee members are voted in as a consequence of blatant gerrymandering by the few combined with the apathy of the majority
  • Partnership understanding : a concept players strive desperately to turn into a reality but without success
  • Disciplinary hearing : a so-called formal inquiry , where the planned rubber stamp exercise  is masqueraded as a fair and impartial process 
  • Bridge : a dark religion in which many of its disciples remain forever in ignorance of the subtle and infinite understanding required to play the game
  • Ranking : the relative ascent up the ladder of achievement which correlates exactly to  what players are prepared to spend on attending green pointed events 
  • Steal ( a trick ) : to take a trick off an opponent without revealing the indecent and wilful nature of the act
  • Logic : what players claim to have used when a lucky guess pays off , after being complimented by generous opponents  

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