Monday, 25 March 2013


Dear Rebecca,
I have just read on Howard Bigot-Johnson's blog about how many clubs have taken to the idea of giving awards to their members for good behaviour, as a way of promoting these much heralded Zero Tolerance Policies.
Well, our little club strives very hard to maintain its social and friendly image, and we welcome the idea of handing out good behaviour awards. Have you any suggestions which might inspire the members to hold their tongues a bit more ?

Yours Tabitha Goody

Dear TG,
Yes, I've got quite a few suggestions, which are as follows :

- Quiet As A Church Mouse A|ward
- Clean Slate Award
- Walking On Egg Shells Award
- Staying On An Even Keel Award
- Good As Gold Award
- Turn Over A New Leaf award
- Butter Wouldn't Melt In The Mouth Award
- Toeing The Line Award
- Kowtow To Others Award
- Hold Still Award

Most of these have been recently introduced into my club, which has now encompassed the soulless characteristics of both a monastery and a morgue.

Yours almost on the verge of leaving, Rebecca Rood  

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