Monday, 27 May 2013



Never one to miss an easy inference, Johnny brought home his 6H slam to the delight of his team mates.
The defence got off to cracking start with the jack of clubs lead which the maestro took straightaway at trick one. Ruffing out diamonds high whilst clearing trumps in the process, it was imperative to end up in dummy in order to get off lead with a low club.
When his LHO opponent played the 7 of clubs under dummy's 8,  Johnny knew that that this expert defender held the king of spades !. For him to take the club trick only to finesse himself in spades would be the act of a madman or complete fool. Moreover, he desperately needed his partner to take the trick with the club 10, and fire a spade through and put declarer on a guess.
But Johnny didn't need to guess. When his RHO switched to a low spade, the 10 was immediately inserted from dummy being the only possible winning option........and the slam came rolling home. 
So I ask you, is there any player on God's earth who can match the sheer brilliance of this man other than The Northern Pro ? 

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