Saturday, 21 September 2013

A VERY NEARLY TRUE Bridgemeister Gibson

The other day I had to enter a 2H+3 onto the score sheet for an absolute bottom. I held AK10xx....J9xxx......x.....Ax..... and so I opened 1S. 
Partner with his xx....AKQ10......xx....J109xx..... responded 2C , only to hear a 2H bid from me.
Without too much thought he decided to pass .
In the play both the hearts and spades behaved, and so making 11 tricks proved a mere formality. 
After the last trick had been taken , I asked him why he had decided to pass 2 hearts. " I thought you might only have a 4 card heart suit....and my 10 count was poor .... " came the limp reply.
" Oh ", I said " .....Perhaps you're right.....may be your heart suit wasn't quite good enough to show me support  ! " 

( Footnote : Despite that aberration we had an excellent night,  and our 64% score secured us a well deserved trophy-grabbing win. )  

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