Friday, 20 September 2013

DEFINING AN EXPERT........(  Reflections by Professor Hu Chi Ku Chi )

What really separates expert bridge players from the triers, wannabes , charlatans , mediocrity and riff raff often comes down to just one thing. Experts don't always know what to do.... but you can bet your shirt on the fact that they know exactly what not to do.
Winning bridge is all about minimising your mistakes to such an extent that the opponents are never gifted a thing. World class experts are capable of avoiding even the smallest of errors, which in turn enhances their chances of securing a flat board at worse and an above average board at best. Indeed,  I once asked a supremely talented player what lead he would make against a small slam , based on the bidding and a hand containing a motley collection of HCP's. His answer started off with " Well, I wouldn't lead this suit " .....and he eventually finished with "...and I wouldn't lead that card either ".  
Naturally, I asked him " Well , what card would you lead ? " to which his reply was " the only card left from the twelve I have just discounted "
And what's more he was right. This was the only card that gave the defence any chance to defeat the contract, simply by creating an opportunity for declarer to go wrong.   

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