Friday, 18 October 2013

BRIDGE AND THE BLUES.........( A short article by Dr. Sigmund T. Schukelgruber )

John Lee Hooker, without a shadow of doubt , was one of the greatest bluesman of all time. But where did he get his inspiration from to write songs about pain, woe , despair and loss ? Well, my research has uncovered a fact which thankfully provided the me with the answer : he obviously had down-in-the-mouth, forlorn, long-suffering bridge players in mind. Tragic , desperate people who would have a real feel for the blues , being the victims of life's cruel tricks.
The following sample of album tracks were all inspired by , and dedicated to , bridge players , as the their song titles clearly suggest :
- It serves me right to suffer
- How long can this go on
- Lord what more can I do
- I did everything
- I just don't know
- What do you say
- Forgive me
- Call it a night
- I'm real real gone
- Keep your hands to yourself
- I wanna walk
- It's a crime and a shame
- I'm leaving
- Moon is rising
- Going home
- Turn over a new leaf

Yes, the blues tell a story....and the one above certainly describes the anguish and misery most bridge players have come to experience in their sad and unachieving lives.     


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