Wednesday, 23 October 2013


This rather disturbing pathological disorder appears to be very prevalent in nearly all the upper echelons of all bridge playing fraternities. People who step forward to take on committee work , soon become obsessed with their status, and the power that goes with it. Sadly, the more important the role ,  the more likely they will display acute symptoms of this appalling affliction. 
Indeed , fabricatum porkus tella is seen by many psycho-analysts as a routine condition, especially within the ranks of the high and mighty. However , in the USA  the medical profession refers to this condition as mendacius duo-facia liarem. Even so ,  the one classical symptom  that doctors and professionals agree upon is that all diagnosed sufferers succumb to the following belief : " as God chosen representatives of this organisation, we are now the masters and owners of that organisation " . Ordinary members are then perceived and labelled as irrelevant  outsiders , or if the condition is far more serious..... the enemy .
What happens of course is that after several years of being power, key officers begin to sense murmurs of discontent amongst the rank and file members, which becomes more frequent ,  and more prominent as time moves on. Awkward questions are asked with concerned members demanding truthful answers.
This in turn gives rise to carefully considered responses  ,which can only be described as pure fabrication,  or at best very economical with the truth. Answers given are inevitably   vague, confusing, misleading, even distorted , being cleverly designed to keep the membership blissfully unaware and ignorant about what is really going on. Spinning yarns will be developed into the fine art of spin doctoring , where any slant can be put on any story or explanation.
Inevitably , when more and more evidence to the contrary starts to surface ,  ruthless attempts will be made to see that evidence is either discredited or suppressed. Victims with an acute disorder are now compelled to tell even more porkies, hoping to keep the fragile web of deceit  fully intact. Sadly , the most afflicted victims turn into pathological liars , but unfortunately for them there is no cure. The desire to deceive becomes so ingrained into their psyche  that compulsive lying becomes their way of life.       

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