Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Dear Rebecca,
As chairman of the Slaughter House Bridge Club I feel entitled to receive respect, admiration , reverence and praise from the members. But what do I get instead ? ABUSE
.....that's what !  Why the other day one woman had the nerve , the gall , the audacity , the effrontery , the bare-face cheek to call me " sanctimonious ".
I was flabbergasted. I was appalled. I was beside myself in anger. I was livid. But most of all I was perplexed. What on earth was this woman inferring ? So naturally , I looked up the word to ascertain what meanings could be attached to it. Well, I was mortified at all the negative human traits so often associated with someone who is a sanctimonious arsehole.........

- makes a show of being morally superior
- feigns piety or righteousness
- full of condescending platitudes
- a windbag
- a self-proclaimed expert on morals , ethics and rules of law
- wallows in self-righteousness
- hypocritically devout
- overly judgemental and obnoxious
- supercilious and uppish
- a fake
- claims to occupy the higher moral ground
- always adopts a holier-than-thou attitude
- self-appointed judge and arbitrator on other people's mistakes and shortcomings
- assigns blame , condemning everyone but himself
- patronising 
- a preacher who sets out to lecture others endlessly 
- possesses an highly inflated ego
- a despicable irritation

Naturally , none of above apply to me. So I was outraged and miffed beyond belief. This remark of hers was clearly incorrect....a wicked lie....the product of a warped and twisted mind. All I have ever wanted ( and demanded ) was that people would listen to what I have to say, accept their mistakes and failings , and take on board my wisdom and advice.  

So knowing me like you do , what do you think about her remark ?

Yours HBJ

Dear HBJ ,
She is absolutely right. It always takes one to know one.  

Yours sanctimoniously Rood

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