Sunday, 31 August 2014


Poor Dorothy had found herself lumbered with the Lion and Tin Man as team mates . Moreover she had drawn the short straw by having to partner the brainless scarecrow. Up against them in the first round were the two icy-looking Poles sitting North South at table 1, while the two wicked Witches occupied the East West seats at table 13.
" Don't worry Dorothy.......I wont let you down. I have my pride to consider ", said the rejuvinated Lion.
" Listen Dorothy.....I know I'm a little rusty when it comes to tournament bridge , but I know I can do it... I can..... I can... " proclaimed Tin Man with steely resolve. 
" Well Dorothy..... being the Scarecrow I love big fields....and hey... am I ready to give my opponents a bit of stick ! "
Seconds later the match got underway and Dorothy's rag bag team were holding their own. Now everything depended on getting a good result on the final board. 
When they met up to do the scoring , Dorothy was quick ask the Tin Man what happened on board seven. " We made 7NT " he replied. Dorothy was flabbergasted because the Scarecrow too made the same contract the other way.
" I don't understand that at all ......" said a puzzled Lion.
The Tin Man was quick to explain all. " Sitting West I had 13 top winners in clubs and spades. So I opened the bidding with 7NT confident in the fact that North was obliged to lead a club or a spade , since he too was dealt a two-suited black hand. 
" Yes..." said the Scarecrow " On my table the wicked Witch of the West opened a canny 2C only to hear me overcall 7NT on my basis of my black two-suited yarborough. I knew East had a red two-suited hand similar to mine, and so she had no choice but to lead a miserable diamond or heart straight into dummy's magnificent thirteen red suited winners."
Dorothy and the Lion were stunned. " How on earth did you two know what to do ? "
" Oh that easy " chirped in the Scarecrow , " we both heard the two witches plotting with the Poles about what they were going to do with a hand they rigged up with one of their spells. They expected Tin Man to open 7S , so they could come in with the unbeatable overcall of 7NT. And on our table they expected the bidding to go 2C, Pass, 2D, 7H , 7NT.......but we of course got our grand slam bids in first. 


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