Friday, 8 August 2014


Most club members choose to ignore what goes on around them. So long as the club provides them with what they want , they are more than happy to let those on committee to do they they please , to carry on regardless.
This blatant indifference often means the antics and shenanigans of ruthless committees are never seen let alone commented on. The lack of interest in club affairs , along with inertia and apathy help turn indifference into a hideous monster. The perils of indifference have always been , and will always be , frightening.
Defined literally as " no difference " this strange and unnatural state in one in which lines are blurred. Lines between right and wrong , and good and evil. Indifference involves never pursuing the likely and/or inescapable consequences of other people's decisions and actions. 
Indifference becomes the irresistible choice for those blighted by selfishness and ignorance. More than that it is seductive. Nothing is ever of any consequence unless that consequence happens to impact negatively on them.
Allow me to give you an illustration. An ex-member of a club applies to join again but in the process upsets the delicate disposition of a committee member. Ignoring the fact that this ex-member was well respected by a large majority of members , always willing to play with and help those new to the game , and someone previous committees had come to rely on for small building and repair jobs , his face somehow didn't fit a new vision for the club. So not surprisingly his application was rejected. Yet no-one seemed to care a damn. No one batted an eye-lid or raised an eyebrow. 
Why this rejection failed to cause a ripple of indignation or criticism I do not know. Clearly the level of indifference within the silent majority beggared belief. The rejection failed to elicit any kind of critical response, but in no way can anyone say that indifference is not a response. It was a tacit approval of the committee's decision by shameful omission. Indifference is the enemy of the victim , and the ally of the aggressor. Clearly , his slap-in-the-face was of no consequence to them ......unless of course they were considering leaving the club for a while before rejoining later.
Indeed, it is my contention that indifference only encourages those on committee to push the boundaries of their power , influence and control into the murky areas of corruption and abuse. 
It represents a green light to do as they please , confident in the knowledge no one will be bothered to challenge or question their decisions. 
So yes,  the perils of indifference are there for club members to see if only they would open their eyes and actively scrutinise what is going on around them. Club members must remind themselves that committees are there as their servants , not as their masters. Seeking justice for those who fall victim to wrongdoing is of paramount importance, because one day perhaps that victim may be you.   

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