Sunday, 24 August 2014


If you ever need a partner to deliver time after time , then count on Johnny. He never lets you down.
Take a look at the hand opposite. Most pairs were in 5D with South as declarer , but very few made 11 tricks.The opening lead on every occasion was the queen of spades , taken in dummy with the Ace , to be followed   by two rounds of trumps.
At this point the majority of declarers opted to try the club finesse first  in order to secure the eleventh trick. However,  once West was in with the queen of clubs , he was quick to return a club to partner's Ace , leaving declarer at some point to take the doomed heart finesse for one down. But not Johnny. 
At trick four Johnny elected to take the heart finesse losing to West's King. So far Johnny had counted six of West's high card points ( QJ of spades and the heart King ). West ,  of course , safely exited with the jack of spades , with Johnny ruffing in dummy. Then a heart to his Ace followed by a heart ruff.  So with East showing 3 in that suit ,  West now held the Jack of hearts as well , nudging up his HCP tally to 7. 
It was obvious to Johnny that  if West held the Ace of clubs  ( giving him 11 points and a likely 5-4-1-3 or 4-4-4-1 distribution ) , then an black suit overcall or take out double was a mandatory bid ! Therefore West's pass clearly suggested the absence of the Ace of clubs. Armed with this deduced knowledge , Johnny played a club from dummy and rose with the King , when East played low. Eleven tricks were duly made along with a well deserved equal top. 
What a player.What a man. 


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