Thursday, 1 July 2010

The Peter Pan Syndrome has been described as a psychological pseudo-disorder. Although it occasionally affects pop stars in a real big way ( such as Michael Jackson ), bridge players from all over the world have been diagnosed with this disorder for years. Indeed, whenever they walk into a bridge venue, they immediately succumb to flights of fancy of the most monstrous kind.
Basically, the syndrome is characterised by their noticeable immaturity. Victims often come across as very narcissistic. They might also display characteristics of rebelliousness, pottering about, anger, dependency, and manipulativeness. Moreover, they have this belief that there are beyond the game's laws and ethically codes of conduct. Add to this their need to be constantly mothered, and wanting to remain like the Jungian archetype of Puer Aetemus ( the eternal boy ), PPS victims are in real need of help.
In my experience, which I might add is vast, bridge players with this condition develop a personality that veers towards an exaggerated stereo-type of boastful and carefree boys. They will always be quick to point out how great they are, even when such claims are questionable ( such as congratulating themselves of seeing home slams, when in fact it was their partners' brilliant bids that got them there ).
These afflicted players have a nonchalant devil-may-care-attitude, and are fearlessly cocky when it comes to putting themselves ( and their partners ) in danger. Many have been known to adopt " a blissful unawareness of the tragedy of hugely damaging penalty doubles ". Their automatic reply is always " if you never go for the odd 1100 or 1400, then you'll never bid those match winning games and slams ". Part of that nonchalant attitude towards danger is often seen when they opt to make weak-two bids on zero HCPs, or when they stick in a vulnerable 3-level pre-emptive bid on utter filth with nothing more than a 5 card suit. Often they will put their necks on the chopping block in the fanciful belief that their axe-wielding opponents will be looking the other way.
However, the most obvious giveaway is their penchant for wearing something green and/or pointed shoes, but outbursts of nastiness and selfish behaviour can also reveal their condition. Moreover, they can display the qualities of both parasites and petulant control freaks. Their pomposity and highly judgemental behavioural traits are such that should they ever be crossed or challenged, they might well fly off in a huff.
As yet all known treatments, therapies and thrashings have yet to produce any positive results in moving them forward into the realms of reality and manhood. Their world of bridge is a Neverland of jolly boys' outings, mischievousness, and swashbuckling adventures.

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