Tuesday, 20 July 2010

REBECCA ROOD'S MAILBAG....................
Dear Rebecca,
What is this dreadful Bigot-Johnson blog all about ? What possesses such a man to write such appalling drivel ? Hasn't he got any sensible or intelligent stuff to say on the topic of bridge ?
Yours getting increasingly ratty, Ira " Ted " Reader
Dear Ira,
HBJ's blog may on numerous occasions be nothing more than the rantings and ravings of a sick man with a multiple personality disorder. This tragic condition came about when repeated exposure to radiation seriously affected his brain. Apparently, during his early days at the orphanage he found a rock-sized meteorite in the garden. He then used in his bedroom as a night light when he discovered how brightly it glowed in the dark.
As far as HBJ is concerned, he is determined to forge ahead ( against all advice, criticism, condemnation and protest ) because he has a mission. Acutely aware that he has only a handful of followers, he still firmly believes all his readers enjoy his blog. Indeed, the King of the potato people has told him so.
Therefore, my advice to you is simple : if his blog upsets you don't read it. Get a life elsewhere.
Yours his most ardent admirer, Disrespectfully Rood

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