Friday, 19 November 2010

I have been told that my whole world revolves around the joys and tribulations of bridge. Of that there can be no doubt. Unfortunately, in my case, I have experienced more pain and suffering than joy : probably in the ratio of 100: 1
For most players the experience of euphoria comes from scaling the heights of success from the pits of despair. This is something now I only have a fleeting memory of as my game in recent years has been at rock bottom.
And then of course we have those gracious winners who never choose to celebrate their success in a flamboyant or ostentatious way. These are players who are so used to winning that they have become adeptly accustomed to suppressing their unbridled joy. They simply take it all in their stride, with an air of calm, self-assured satisfaction. Indeed, they can then afford to be generous in their praise of others who gave them a run for their money, suppressing any lingering desires to be smug with heartfelt sympathies for their opponents' gallant but unsuccessful efforts. Any victory, it seems, is best received with a fair degree of humility, humbleness, modesty, and unassuming grace.
Well, in my book, that's all a load of bollocks. If you win, seize the moment, flaunt yourself, flaunt your success, shout from the roof-tops, rub-it-in to those who just miissed out, milk it for as long as you can.....and be true to your manly instincts. Yes, this means whenever a god-sent opportunity to behave badly comes along, you must grab it and snatch it in the same way as you would the cup from the competition sponsors .

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