Sunday, 7 November 2010

Dear Prof,
This ultimate bridge idea of yours could turn this beautiful and sacred game into something more akin to poker. Second guessing what your opponents are likely to bid becomes an essential part of the game. Moreover, with each defender seeing what's in dummy and knowing what cards they hold, reading declarer's hand becomes a tad bit easier. This of course makes it doubly hard for declarer to succeed.
Mind you, the bidding aspect of the game becomes a real fine art of combining sharp analysis with tactical cunning. Why just the other day I figured I had 10 tricks in no trumps, but foolishly elected to bid 3.....and because my opponents cleverly bid the same, I was dumped with a zero score for a scrubbed board. Why the hell I didn't bid 4NT I'll never know. But later on I wised up big time. With a combined 36 count , 7NT looked a racing certainty. More rigid than a donkey's dick on viagra. However, I figured the oppo might try to sabotage my score by bidding the same contract, and so I opted to bid 6D instead. Bingo!! The silly buggers had infact bid 6NT only to find themselves doubled for 12 off, giving us a galactic top. Such joy...such bliss.
So yes, ultimate bridge is one helluva game but don't be surprised if it never catches on. This is a game.... not for the faint-hearted..... and certainly not for the feeble'minded. It's a game for talented bridge players who like to gamble and live on the edge.
Yours always looking to shaft opponents good and proper ,
Willie Hardman

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