Thursday, 18 November 2010

( Inspired by the shocking story of the disrespect shown to the late Peter Pender, a most generous and deserving benefactor )
Even in a democratically and intellectually saturated institution, such as a sports governing body, where members suddenly find themselves bestowed with power, a strange phenomenon takes places. They immediately start to relish the opportunity of imposing their authority on others. Somehow, as if transformed into " other beings " overnight, they reject their humble roots, ceasing to be the " normal " people they once were.
Kantian theory suggests that when people acquire a new sense of importance, they find it increasingly difficult to retain their old values, attitudes and thinking. This weakness and/or failing of the Human Condition compels these now privileged individuals to distance themselves from the rank and file that voted them in. Such is the corrupting influence of power.
Tragically, this inevitable transformation usually leads to the development of pathological traits, such as the desire to bend or suppress the truth.......and to silence or marginalise their critics and opponents. For them the Machiavellian maxim " the ends justify the means " is revered.
But then who can we trust to be idealistic and moral enough to govern, and at the same time, be practical enough to make extremely difficult decisions that can and will upset, possibly harm, a great deal of people ?

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