Thursday, 25 November 2010

  • Contract : what players enter into in order to score
  • Quick tricks : what most contracts tend to be all about
  • Rule of 7 : the maximum time ( in minutes ) you've got to see out a contract
  • Principle of Preparedness : Putting in some practice with a rubber or two
  • Pair ( of bullets ) : Something all trick hungry players like to get hold of
  • Bust : a term used to describe any big pair
  • Score : the inevitable outcome of a successful contract
  • Stiff : an essential requirement to engineer a quick trick
  • Length : another essential feature if a lay down contract is sought after
  • Lay down : the recommended position for missionary-minded bridge players
  • Control : something that enables a player to take his tricks in less of a rush
  • Fast arrival : what all over-excited players succumb to if short on control

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