Sunday, 26 December 2010

PHILOSOPHICAL REFLECTIONS ON BRIDGE ........... ( By Professor Hu Chi Ku Chi )
Bridge governing bodies are made up of all kinds of folk, people who yearn for, and relish, the power of office. Indeed, officers of such bodies can always be found to possess two distinct qualities :
(i) stupid or clever
(ii) lazy or industrious
In very rare circumstances, some officers may be seen to possess both commendable characteristics, as well as both the less desirable ones. In the majority of cases, officers tend to possess one good trait, one bad. This is known as simply being " human ".
However, the success or failure of that governing body depends on which two characteristics a particular officer possesses. For out of the four possible combinations, one becomes a prerequisite for disaster :
- those who are lazy and stupid pose no threat whatesover
- officers who are lazy and clever have all the right credentials to attain the highest leadership posts, without ever wishing or wanting to rock the boat
- and as for those individuals who are both clever and industrious, they tend not to stay for long, preferring instead to move on to ventures that will offer far more rewarding challenges
- but then we come to the loose cannons, meddlers and mavericks, who are both stupid and industrious. Those who cannot be stopped or controlled. Those who cannot see the folly of their actions. Those who are extremely dangerous, and who must be stopped by whatever means possible, before further disaster and mayhem transpires.
Yes, governing bodies are made up of all types, but that's what helps make the this world of bridge so incredibly bizarre.

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