Tuesday, 26 July 2011

A week ago another attempt was made to unseat Bigot-Johnson from the post of chairman at the Slaughter House Bridge Club. It appeared that many of the rank and file members were alarmed and distressed, over the sudden and unexplained disappearance of the reverend Dr. Willoughby Shott.
An urgently convened EGM called for Bigot's resignation, if a vote of no confidence went their way. However, the anti-Bigot campaign was thwarted in its tracks, when Pun came to his defence. His stirring speech in suppport of his chairman won the day, and a crucial extract from it can be seen below.
" Bigot-Johnson has always been a man who rises to every occasion.......a fine upstanding member of this club and community. Granted.....he can give his partners a real hard time if they don't come up to scratch......because let's face it ........Bigot is a man who, in any bridge competition, loves to be in pole position.........yet conversely he always claims to derive more satisfaction and pleasure....... when coming from behind to win.
As chairman he is ...... I agree ......a stickler for getting his own way. His comings and goings have often been met with disapproval and objections.......but who can condemn a man who sticks rigidly to his principles and beliefs ?
And yes.......there have been several instances where has made some rather unfortunate cock ups, but let me remind you that running a club of this size can be very hard and time-consuming work. Some of the issues he has had to deal with have been bones of contention for all of us.
But do we ever see him down-hearted or dejected ? No....because whenever we see him he stands proud and erect....firmly in control of his feelings. He is not a man who buckles or goes limp. His resolve is as stiff and unbreakable as a pillar of stone. So I implore you....keep this man on as Chairman...... "

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