Sunday, 17 July 2011

( Linda Lee a few days ago posted an interesting blog about the qualities one would find in a " good " bridge teacher. Fair enough, but what about the thousands who just don't cut it ? What are their profiles like ? Well, based on my extensive research the not so good bridge teachers all seem to possess and share the same common characteristics , as listed below .)
1. Mainly charging fee-males
2. Yet quite a few husband and wife double acts
3. Aged 50 or over
4. Gave up on learning the game years ago
5. But desperate to make some money out of it
6. Often display acute symptoms of the STYP delusion
7. In permanent denial of their limitations and shortcomings
8. Yet possess an unshakable belief in their " expert " status
9. See themselves as one-eyed Kings/Queens in the land of the blind
10. Love the sound of their own voice
11. Use their influence over students to fulfil other more desirable objectives
12. Take up key committee posts to safeguard their position

13. Like to run, organise and profit from bridge holidays
14. See their role as " a calling " ( on the way to the bank )
15. Resent others joining their ranks
16. Full of their own self-importance

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