Sunday, 24 July 2011

DR. SIGMUND T. SCHUKELGRUBER DEDICATES ONE OF HIS FINEST POEMS TO BIGOT-JOHNSON......... and any other desperately sad, hard-done-to, bridge wannabe
Entitled " Longing "
I have always wanted to be a winner
Honest to God
What I would give
To see me and my partner
Floating down that holy aisle
Leading to the stage
Where we would collect our trophy
And loads of spondoolies
To loud and rapturous applause
Please God
Just For once
Let me be a winner
Because if you do
I would swear on my mother's grave
Not to shout out
" About fucking time "
Neither would I laugh
In the stricken faces
Of the runners up
But I would
As sure as hell
Snatch that trophy
With both hands
To stroke it
Caress it
And kiss it
A thousand times over
As if it was
Marilyn Monroe's
Very own
Furry cup

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