Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Bigot's latest group of bridge students were proving to be real hard work , and he was beginning to lose the will to live. They seemed unable to see the wood from the trees . They seemed unable to form the big picture of any bridge hand , let alone recognise alternative and superior lines of play.
So as usual Bigot tried to introduce the concept of logical thinking, before introducing a simple problem which required a little more than a blinkered approach to solve. In a flash he picked up his chair and placed it on the desk . Then he asked the class " I want you to apply you've just learned in this room about logical and deductive thinking to prove to me that this chair does not exist ".
Thirty minutes passed by with all the students sitting there , staring at the chair , with blank expressions on their vacant faces......except for Bill who appeared rather agitated and up-tight.
" Well Bill......does your analysis as to why the chair does not exist have a logical element to it ? "
Bill leaned slightly back in his chair......thought for another second or two......closed his weary eyes ....and replied : " What bloody chair.....I don't see it at all "
Bigot at last had found his rising star.

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