Friday, 30 September 2011

There always come a point in time when partner's mistakes seem to increase in frequency as well as importance. He isn't the player he used to be. He has become more of a liability than the asset. Someone you need get to rid of as soon as the very first signs of deterioration begin to surface. So here are the 2o tell tale signs you need to look out for , if you intend to spare yourself a lot of unnecessary heartache and grief :
1. Spends more time in the think tank drowning than he does thinking
2 Keeps closing and re-fanning his cards so as to remind himself what he was dealt
3. Seems incredibly happy with 50% boards
4. Keeps looking to simplify his convention card even more
5. Starts failing to alert
6. Looks up to the heavens for inspiration
7. Plays the cards more in hope than expectation
8. Breaths huge sighs of relief when steering home simple contracts
9. Insists on reverting back to high-low signals
10. Revokes on a suit he made an opening pre-empt in
11. Starts passing your splinter bids
12. Uses the "pass " card more and more
13. Mumbles " ip dip sky blue pip " whenever put to a choice
14. Leads out Aces for want of anything better
15. Substitutes magical thinking for logical deduction and reasoning
16. Stops asking opponents questions for fear of being confused by their answers
17. Always wants to be reminded which suit is trumps ( even when the contract is in no trumps ! )
18. Remembers more about hands he played 10 years ago than the one previous
19. Vision is now replace by blind faith and obedience
20. Talks about taking up teaching bridge to beginners

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