Monday, 12 September 2011

REBECCA ROOD'S MAILBAG....................
Dear Rebecca ,
There are times when I just can't believe what goes on at the bridge table. Why...just the other night I was in a delicate 6S, which no one else in the room got close to bidding.
This was a contract that would require all my skill and cunning to steer home, especially when my LHO tried to get away with the most outrageous bit of cheating, I have ever come across.
One objective of mine was to make sure I had no losers in diamonds, with Axxx in dummy opposite my QJ. So when I played my queen I couldn't help but notice my LHO fidgeting like crazy, umming and arring, touching one card and then another, hesitating some more, going back into the tank for a second opinion, pondering again, before playing his singleton 6 !!
Despite looking like a man cursed with the King, I hopped up with the Ace immediately, and by reading the cards like a true expert, I was able to set up a side suit winner in clubs to park my losing diamond on. The contract came in. But boy was I mad ......cheating like that really sickens me.
Mind you, I was very thankful that earlier on I had managed to get a good look at his hand to know what that cheating bastard was up to.
Yours P. King-Paiswell
Dear PKP,
For once......I'm speeechless
Yours Rebecca

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