Friday, 25 November 2011

BRIDGE FROM THE TWILIGHT ZONE.......... ( A really true story from Bridgemeister Gibson )
A few years ago I was playing in a Sunday league division 2 intercity match ( team of 8 ) away at York. With several other league matches also being played at the same venue , one of our pairs ended up as the N/S sitting pair at a solitary table, in a small room downstairs from the main playing area. They, of course , played the moving opponents throughout the whole afternoon, but in doing so were denied the opportunity of moving around themselves and enjoying a change of scenery.
At the end of match a disgruntled North approached our captain : " I want to register a complaint to the Yorkshire Bridge Association "
A concerned captain asked : " What on earth was the problem ? "
" Well ", he said, " We've been severely disadvantaged having to play in that room all the time ..."
" How come........was it too cold ? "
The reply was as swift as it was cutting. " As I was about to explain..... by being stuck in that room our scores suffered badly .....we were the only bloody pair not to be in a position to hear what was being said about the hands on the other tables ! "

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