Monday, 14 November 2011

REBECCA ROOD'S MAILBAG...................
Dear Rebecca,
What the dickens does one do when partner opens 1S ( showing a 5 card major ) and you are looking at a motley 6 count ; x.....Jxxxx....Qxx....Kxxxx ?
What choices does one have ? " Pass " fearful of partner holding a ripping 19 count ? Or bid 1NT fearful of partner rebidding 2S, fully aware that the opponents could hold the majority of trumps ?
So then....what would an expert like you choose , and why ?
Yours always bemused , Ann Fretting
Dear Ann,
This hand is a straightforward 1NT response, for there is always the possibility partner might well have a 4 card D/H suit, which he/she will surely bid at the 2 level. And so what if 2S is the next bid you hear. If this is a field bid then most pairs will be in the same 5-1 trump fit.
Mind you we have a so called expert pair at our club who have developed an excellent sysem for dealing with this type of hand you describe. An instant 1NT response shows a hand with 2 spades, whereas a delayed " tank" 1NT reply flags up a singleton or void in spades.
If it is the latter , the opener can now show his lowest 4 lowest card suit by bidding quickly, and his lowest 3 card suit by entering the tank from his side. If responser hears 2C or 2H, then a much better spot has been found. If the lowest 3 card suit is diamonds, responder must bid a quick 2H showing five, or a slow 2H with just four. If the latter, then opener with only 2 hearts might well choose to go back to his spade suit.
Indeed, this system really does work very well, but only if you are a completely unethical player and all round toss pot.
Yours Rebecca " I love to expose low life cheating dogs " Rood

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