Saturday, 12 November 2011

THE PERFECT PARTNER .................... ( By Dr.Sigmund T. Schukelgruber )
Way back on this blog an article appeared entitled " Find me the perfect partner ", which attempted to outline all the most desirable qualities you could possibly wish for in the person sitting directly opposite you at the table. Well, the other day I stumbled across a poem called " If ", a wonderful little gem originally appearing in an rather old fashioned bridge book " You Can Play and Laugh ".
I was so inspired by it I had decided to give it my own twist, and reproduce it in the my unique and off beat style :
" IF "
If you can hold your tongue
When stray and awful bidding
Gets you wretched scores
If you can learn
To spot the dangers
And ignore the shams
If you can bluff
To achieve the impossible
Or take a 1000
To save a slam
Then hell man
You're the kinda partner I want
If you can forge plans
With determined resolution
By combining risk with reason
If you can steer between
The rocks of awkward distribution
To guide a contract home
If you can halt when caution's needed
Yet know when to charge
And swerve
If you can double
Yet show restraint
And if can hold your nerve
When doubled by the best
Then hell man
You're the kinda partner I need
And if you can bid and play
With level headed calmness
Keeping emotions under check
If you can keep the devil out
And give opponents due respect
And if you can lose a game with grace
Yet never boast about a win
If you can resist the need to sulk
When luck is stacked against you
But silently acknowledge
When good fortune comes your way
Then hell man
You're the kinda of partner
......I would die for

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