Tuesday, 22 November 2011

REBECCA ROOD'S MAILBAG..................
Dear Rebecca,
Why is it my partner rounds on me for opening on an 11 count, and then several boards later he condemns me for not opening on a 10 count ? As a relative beginner I'm so confused......please help me.
Yours in a pickle, J.R.
Dear JR ,
Opening on minimum values is I'm afraid all down to judgement. There are no hard and fast rules you can apply. Common sense must prevail after weighing up one or more of the following factors....
- seat position
- who's vulnerable and who's not
- state of the match...... or whether averages or tops have now become a priority
- rule of 19 or the Zar point count
- partnership agreement ( eg. light openers in third position )
- importance of maintaining partnership trust and harmony
- trick potential in that QJ1098....Axx....Kxx....xx is far superior to Kxx...Kxx...Kxx...Jxxx
- need to provide partner with a safe lead against the opponent's contract
- how lucky you feel
- quality and class of your opponents
- how much faith and belief you have in " aggressive " bidding
- whether you have an obvious rebid available ( or not )
Indeed, there is much to think about and judgement often requires vision, experience and wisdom all working together. So yes. it is not an easy call but not to open on AKxxx...xx....K109x ...xx at any vulnerability would be a heinous crime.
Yours always a believer in getting one's bids in early, Rebecca

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