Thursday, 26 January 2012


In the big league tournaments, psychs are a much vaunted and highly useful weapon to have in one's armoury. Occasionally, a top class player with a tiny catapult of a hand can bring down a goliath with one very well aimed and directed psych. But these are the toys for the big boys, and should be rarely used in the context of a regular duplicate down at your local club.
Serial psychers who target the less experienced or novice players are in my opinion predatory vampires.
Many ordinary club players quite rightly view them as a pain in the neck. Often their motives touch upon sadistic fun or a win-at-all costs creed. These predators do not embrace the spirit of sportsmanship, only looking to create tops by creating confusion within the ranks of the easily confused.
Tragically, victims seem reluctant to report their misfortunes, which simply encourages these vampires to plunder again. By giving them a green light the serial psychers will continue their ways until someone tries to stop them. Reasons for this apparent reluctance to report often include politeness, apathy, fear, embarrassment and the desire not to make a fuss.
Don't get me wrong but the occasional psych by any player is a legitimate weapon that adds a bit of colour, intrigue and excitement to the game. Moreover its single use falls well within the boundaries of ethical conduct and play. However,  one unwritten rule of good sportsmanship   requires perpetrators to target those of equal standing and experience to themselves.

Serial psychers, however, do not discriminate at all, using this device almost on a regular weekly basis , unsettling their victims, and causing many to view bridge in a negative light. Whenever, these predators get a good result,  their faces light up like Christmas trees, laden with baubles of sickening smugness and gloating self-indulgence. But ... I also  turn my resentment towards their partners, who clearly know the type of person they have teamed up with.....therefore being privy to a knowledge that their opponents do not possess. Surely to God it becomes impossible for them to bid and play the cards as they would have done sitting opposite someone else. Subconscious fielding and/or applying caution inevitably takes place.
It is my contention that serial psyching causes a whole stack of problems for all concerned, requiring clubs to clampdown on a player's frequent use of such a destructive bid. The only way to identify and control the problem is by implementing a strict policy for all psychs to be recorded, irrespective of their success or failure. Failure to undertake this reporting will mean only one thing : pains in the neck will never go away. 
So my message is clear....expose these psychers.......because the image of the game is at stake.............victims need to stand up and be counted..........don't allow this grave problem to fester in the dark.......nip it in the bud.... because collectively we have the power to draw their teeth.  

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