Friday, 10 August 2012


Double :
-  a special bid that can be made only over an opponent's bid that uses up no space in the auction. A double usually has one of two meanings, depending on the previous auction: [i] Penalty double - this type of double is made when you expect the opponents' contract to go down. [ii] Takeout double - this type of double shows strength and at least moderate length in all unbid suits. It asks partner to "take it out" of the auction by bidding his longest suit.
- a term used to describe the kind of trouble a player gets himself into , when falling foul of strict  ZT codes for best behaviour
- the preferred choice of room a player books when taking his shapely partner to a weekend congress
- a double jump is when a frisky player gets lucky with his obliging partner  
- the measure of alcohol which an exasperated player orders at the club bar 
- more often that not ,  what the exasperated player will see after having consumed a right skin full   
- the kind of act  which comic or joke partnerships are often known by
- a reference to the number of barrels on a shotgun used by committee members to silence their opponents
- a clever worded comment with two edges : one which seems to  offer praise , the other which cuts a player too pieces
- the form of dealing disreputable players often get involved in 
- the type of whammy  team players experience where the N/S pair comes back having gone off in a small slam ,  when on the same board the E/W pair also recorded a minus score for doubling the opponents in a contract which made plus three
- a term used to describe the kind of talk idiot bridge players sink into when  desperately trying to impress their audience
- a reference to the kind of life that many bridge are forced to take up when having to keep their bridge outings a complete secret from their unsuspecting married partners
- at the double is the pace which notoriously slow bridge players can only dream of
- what experts do when observing wooden tops playing  bridge: either to double up or double over with laughter  

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