Monday, 24 December 2012

CHRISTMAS CAROL ...... ( Part 2 )

Back in bed again Bigot spent the next hour tossing.....and turning.....but to no avail. As hard as he tried he could not get to sleep.Then precisely at 4 o'clock another apparition appeared dressed up like the grim reaper. Bigot went stiff with fear.
" I have come for you Bigot-Johnson. I am the ghost of Christmas future.....and I am here to reveal what fate awaits you. "
" Oh no, does that mean I'm about to be caught out by the police over that consignment of viagra tablets I stole ? Well....I'm not that worried......I've got enough evidence that will surely stand up in court to prove my innocence "
" Or perhaps your guilt ? ....Anyway enough of this are about to see your end "
Bigot was devastated over such a prospect , but the ghost showed him no mercy as he took Bigot to a cemetery. He saw himself being thrown into a large eight foot hole to be buried alive under  tons of paper, which listed all the wrongdoings he committed at the bridge table, and terrible things he did to members of his own club. Box load after box load of papers rained on top of him : death at the hands of those who he had wrongfully expelled from the Slaughter House. Struggling to breathe, he was getting hot and agitated.  Sweat oozed from every pore in his body. 

Dr. John now looked looked very perturbed and concerned.
" Bigot ....when I count to 3 and click my fingers you will wake up and forget ( click of fingers ) "
" Where am I.....who are you......what am I doing here ? "
" You are in my surgery......I'm Dr. John your psycho-therapist......and you are undergoing my radically new hypnosis therapy. I have been exploring the dark corners of your subconscious mind......finding burning issues you have left unresolved.......uncovering all those powerful emotions and feelings you have chosen to bury God seem haunted by so many ghosts ? "
" Oh dear.....yet these ghosts you speak of mean something to me.....I have a sense of needing to be a better and more caring person "
" No chance of that.....for you Bigot are beyond help.....beyond redemption and beyond are, and will continue to be.....a vile, nasty, amoral inhuman being.......and this session of course will knock you back £60 "
"'re nothing more than a thieving charlatan.....and I'll pay you £20 .....and not a penny more ! "
" But it's Christmas "
" Christmas... means nothing to here's your money....I'm off you bugger .....there are pantopods out there that need stuffing...."


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