Thursday, 13 November 2014

BIGOT FIGHTS ON.............

( Desperate to avoid expulsion at his disciplinary hearing , Bigot introduces another philosophical argument to help win the day...... ) 

B-J : This hearing is rigged against me ......none of you are listening to what I have to say
C : Not so.....we see ourselves as attentive ,  open-minded and impartial individuals ...keen to see justice done
B-J : Like hell you are all damn disciples of fallibilism !
C : What's that ?
B-J : Don't you numpties know anything about philosophy ? Fallibilism is a theory presented by Pierce describing enquiry ......such as the work undertaken by the Initial Investigation an activity generated by a state of unease, aiming of course to attain a state of rest through finding the right answer to a question. 
C : And what question was that ?
B-J : How to fit me up ! .....Something which they successfully achieved in their report, which described my utterances as " threatening behaviour "......" defamatory " .... " and totally offensive "
C : Oh....
B-J : But....might I add....that rest is never assured , since no one can know ( a ) what fresh evidence might present itself to necessitate a change in position ....and ( b) what consequences might follow from arriving at a false set of conclusions about my so called inappropriate utterances
C : Oh may have a point here
B-J : Oh dear indeed !

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