Wednesday, 6 May 2015


Chairman : We've got a big problem on our hands
Secretary : I should say so.....and one all down to our doing
Chairman : So how do we keep a lid on it then ?
Secretary : We'll bring it up in  " any other business " after deliberately stretching out the boring non-relevant house-keeping stuff to the point that the ordinary committee will be biting at the bit to get away. Now we can ensure that all items listed under any other business will be quickly and easily glossed over..... without ever having to reveal the awful truth about the damage already done to the club as a result of our gross negligence and incompetence 
Chairman : Brilliant.......but what about the minutes ?
Secretary : No problem .....I'll edit them in such a way that items of any real substance or concern to the membership wont get a solitary mention , because let's remember in law  " silence is no misrepresentation " 
Chairman : So what will be left in the minutes for members to be informed about ?
Secretary : The date of our meeting 

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