Thursday, 21 May 2015


NP :  Bidding always takes place before any cards are played
RB :  Oh....and what is the purpose of the bidding ?
NP : Well... in order to compete in the auction , we use bids wherever possible to describe the shape , distribution and strength of our hands. This enables us to determine the best course of action to take towards the end
RB : So I take it you open the bidding with your longest suit ?
NP : Good Lord no.....that kind of bidding went out with the ark . You must make an opening bid that confirms your willingness  to compete but as yet says nothing about your best YOU MUST ALERT 
RB : Oh I alert card is needed to tell the opponents you've not bid a natural suit ....and therefore they are at liberty to inquire as to what it actually means
NP : Exactly ....and especially in the case where the alert bid has several alternative meanings
RB : So when I give an answer it demonstrates to you my knowledge of the system , filling you with reassurance and confidence at the same time
NP : Yes....exactly....correct explanations will keep the opponents guessing all the time , creating doubt and confusion in their minds 
RB : But how do I respond to an artificial opening bid then ?
NP : You make an artificial one of your own.... to which I must alert. In fact we keep alerting all our bids until we arrive at the final contract . Many of our bids will be inquiry bids , stepped responses showing point count , questions of our own , transfers , stop asking bids , plus a whole raft of other conventions and gadgets
RB : So a typical auction is one alert bid after another ?
NP : By George you've got's all about shafting your opponents while secretly determining the best spot to play. 
RB : So one is forced to use deduction , logic , inferences and table presence ?
NP : Yes...
RB : Anything else ?
NP : Well , facial expressions , body language and finger signals and timed hesitates can be employed if need be
RB : But might we end up in the wrong contract ?
NP : On occasions yes....but that's all part of the see it's more likely my system causes the opponents to end up in the wrong contract
RB : I like it can you give me an example of how your system works ?
NP : I would love you...
.               1C  : Could be anything
                1D :  Partner I've got points too ( 10+ )
                2D  : I have a two-suiter , a major and a minor
                2NT : Asking bid . What is your short minor ?
                3C :  Clubs
                3S :  I have hearts  
                3NT : Well , I have spades
                4D :  I think partner with my diamonds and no clubs this is our best spot
So there you have it ......a brilliant auction arrived at without diamonds ever being shown in the earlier bidding
RB : Brilliant............. 

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