Thursday, 7 May 2015


Chairman : This bloody problem hasn't blown away like you figured
Secretary :  I know....the whole thing has become a living nightmare
Chairman : Yes....and club members are now beginning to ask questions
Secretary :  I know.....
Chairman : So what we need is a plan of action
Secretary :  I know....
Chairman : First off.....we need to transfer blame elsewhere
Secretary : Brilliant idea
Chairman : The committee must be seen as " the victims " not the culprits....or
                    the instigators of this problem
Secretary : Too right
Chairman  : Then we must mount a sustained propaganda campaign , making
                    sure that any information about this problem is drip-fed to the membership
                    in a highly sanitised sanitised in fact it becomes grossly
                    misleading. This will of course require a magical blend of vivid imagination
                    and blatant spin doctoring
Secretary : I'll get onto straight away...I have a friend who just been released from prison 
                    having been found guilty of several ponzi investment scams.....he can
                    con anybody
Chairman : Excellent he sounds like the perfect PR man we're looking for....
Secretary : Any other tactics we can adopt ?
Chairman : Yes there is.....we need to constantly swap and change roles on the committee.
                    Things could go pear shape with no one believing that we were the victims. So by 
                    switching and swapping around the committee posts between ourselves we have
                    the perfect  " get out " clause.    Because when blame finally comes knocking at the 
                    committee's door , we as THE NEW COMMITTEE can deny all responsibility , 
                    claiming that it was the old one which completely fucked up
Secretary : Chairman...I've got to hand it too seem to have all the bases covered
Chairman : I know...

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