Tuesday, 6 March 2018


The quest to issue more and more PCNs continues as these rogue outfits look to dream up another raft of parking violations , just simply to increase their already considerable profits. The more scams they can get away with on unsuspecting motorists , who are more than willing to pay than fight, the bigger and better the salaies and bonuses the directors can look forward to.
So here are a few ideas these highway robbers have ( as yet ) overlooked :

Parking a car

  • in a skoo-wiff position
  • that is in need of an urgent clean
  • with the radio still on
  • with its wing mirrors still out
  • that is hideously painted ( an eyesore )
  • for the purposes of sex or any other forms of questionable behaviour
  • with the handbrake not properly on 
  • simply to have a nap
  • with an unattended animal or child left inside
  • that is leaking oil 
  • in any open space or unmarked area 
  • that is unroadworthy   ( eg bald tyres or defective handbrake ) 
  • which lowers the image and up-market reputation of the site 
  • with the lights on
  • in an unsatisfactory and/or dangerous manner causing a nuisance to others
  • with tasteless fluffly dice dangling over the dashboard
  • in a blue bay with a yellow ticket or vice-versa
  • too close to an adjacent car 
  • on a lovely warm day when one should be walking to the shops

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