Thursday, 22 March 2018


Private parking companies operate in a moral vacuum. This is evidenced by their highly unethical business model , the key elements of which are listed below :

  • Our true mission statement needs to be kept under wraps. No one must know that it contains two primary objectives :  namely " customer exploitation " and " legitimate fraud " 
  • A PCN must be perceived by gullible motorists as a statutory " fine " : motorists must be kept ignorant of the fact that a PCN is nothing more than a speculative invoice or a claim for liquidated damages  
  • PCNs must have no bearing whatsoever with being genuine pre-estimates of loss : their one clear aim is to return an 80% profit from receipts in keeping with Pareto's recommended ratio
  • Sites must be set up like " honey traps " , inviting motorists in at their peril 
  • The irresistible lure of much sought after parking spaces creates a captive market . one to be fully and ruthlessly exploited
  • Motorists must never be viewed as " customers " : they are simply a means by which the company can make easy money 
  • It matters not that the pretext on which a PCN will be issued is trifling or absurd : what matters most is that the pretext is inventive or imaginative
  • The greater the number of contractual obligations imposed on the motorist the greater the likelihood of catching them out
  • All contractual terms and conditions imposed on the motorists must of course be strictly adhered to by them : no exceptions or excuses permitted
  • All manner of obstacles must be put in the way of motorists at every turn , if only to ensure a contractual breach becomes a regular and repeated occurance. These obstacles might well include :
                                 1. lack or absence of signage
                                 2. use of misleading and/or ambiguous words
                                 3. unreadable small print
                                 4. ticket machines that don't work properly
                                 5. restricted width of parking bays
                                 6. unclear parking bay boundaries

  • Overstays represent the best source of PCN revenue to the business , since motorists find it impossible to predict their intended length of stay. Therefore payment for tickets on leaving the site with ticket-operated exit barriers are a complete no-no

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