Wednesday, 21 March 2018


- I take it you're the chief executive of this highly lucrative business
- Indeed I am....and an extremely well paid one at that
- So tell are things going at present ?
- Up and down ?
- What's on the "up" then ?
- The number of PCNs we issue every see they now run into thousands
- And the " down "
- Oh....that's the number of cases we win in the courts 
-  Why's that ?
-  Well ...our business model works on a complete bluff.......but when savvy motorists call 
   our bluff the company still needs to take the dispute all the way . because if the word gets
   out that we throw in the towel many more motorists will refuse to cough up.  Thankfully,
   the majority of motorists don't want the hassle and agree to pay  ....such is their fragile 
   state of mind
-  But don't you feel for motorists who.... for instance.... are asked to pay a parking charge of
   £100 having already paid the money for a ticket
-  No....these numpties probably broke the rules regarding data entry regarding their car 
   registrations..... or failed to display their tickets properly
-  So you're happy to treat motorists like shit
-   And why not......if they made mistakes they need to be punished
-   Then I assume these parking charges are really about punishment ?
-   No.....our primary goal is all about making huge profits
-   By ruthlessly punishing motorists in the process ?
-   Yes..... it's a double whammy effect
-   But you're a motorist yourself aren't you ?
-   Yes....but not one who breaks the rules
-   But what if you.. inadvertantly.... did incur a PCN from another parking company ?
-   Well , I would sort it out with a quick phone call . In this industry all the companies 
    work together as one big happy family, looking after each other's interests
-   Honour amongst thieves ?
- could say that........but in reality it's all about privilege , mutual back scratching 
    and doing one another favours.  In business... oligopolies work a treat. We don't compete
    against each other. We adopt the same business model......we impose the same fixed 
    extremely high parking charges , along with a ruthless, unforgiving attitude towards 
    whinging motorists , who constantly bleat out pathetic excuses expecting to be let off.
  . Moreover , we apply the same terms and conditions to ensure consistency and certainty 
    in our dealings with those we see as a soft touch
-   I'm appalled at what I'm hearing
-   Do I give a fuck about what you and your readers may think about me. One develops an
    extremely thick skin when wallowing in vast sums of money I pay you can
    sod off now....... and let me revel in spending my ill-gotten gains


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